Recruitment is one of the critical areas of any successful business. Hire the wrong people, and you’re almost doomed to fail. Hire the right people, and you’re almost destined to succeed. 

In Alvanda, we believe that no matter how perfect the systems and processes within an organization are, if you don’t have the right culturally-aligned people in the right roles, there’s a high chance the organization will struggle. 

Alvanda helps Recruitment Professionals in every part of the Recruitment Process by standardizing key Procedures, helping ensure high levels of both consistency and quality.

Today we’re going to talk about a few examples.

Job Intake

The Recruitment Process should always start with an effective Job Intake Procedures. 

Stephen R. Covey, one of the leading names in productivity and effectiveness, is famous for saying: “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”

Don’t rush into recruiting individuals, before having perfectly defined the role you’re looking for, and how that role adds value to the organization.

We talk quite a bit about Workforce Planning and Creating Job Descriptions in our Alvanda Use Case for HR Teams so we’re not going to get into that here, but we invite you to read through that as it literally sets the stage for recruitment success.

Talent Sourcing

Once Workforce Planning is completed, Recruitment Teams now have everything they need to start scouring the talent market for individuals that best fit the organization’s specific goals and culture. 

Outreach on channels such as Linkedin, Facebook, or other relevant channels is a very common practice. 

Alvanda allows for your entire Recruitment Outreach process itself to be defined within and followed directly from the platform. 

This leads to much higher levels of clarity, both in terms of the level of effort being put into the outreach process, as Alvanda automatically tracks every second of every step of the process, and in terms of the outcome of those efforts, as Alvanda automatically centralizes all Prospects within the platform, allowing Management to easily see each Candidate and exactly where they are in the Recruitment Process.

Posting On Job Sites

If Talent Sourcing is what we would call outbound recruitment effort, posting the career opportunity to work at your organization on one or more Job Sites is what we would call inbound. 

You tap into the network of thousands, and sometimes millions of professionals actively looking for a change in their career. 

Within Alvanda, Recruitment Teams can define Job Posting procedures for all the various types of roles your organization looks for. 

For example, Marketing opportunities might be posted on two different platforms where you know the best Marketing Talent goes to find work, and Engineering opportunities on 3 other platforms, much more geared towards their niche. 

Regardless of the Process itself, Alvanda gives every organization the ability to define as many custom Procedures as they wish, and then everyone working in the organization can follow those Procedures within the platform itself, creating higher levels of consistency than ever before. 

Employer Branding

Otherwise also known as Recruitment Marketing, is the practice of organizations proactively featuring what it’s like to work for the organization. Aspects such as Company Culture, the impact people with the organization are leaving through their work, and so on. 

Within Alvanda, standardized Procedures for initiatives such as writing company updates or curating pictures for certain occasions are easy to create, implement, and store marketing materials from. 

Recruitment Professionals only need to:

  1. Define the steps they want taken in each Procedure and 
  2. Decide on the internal triggers for those Procedures to take place. (Eg. A new team member was hired -> Write Company Update)

From there, when it comes to publishing all that great content online to help both attract and convert the right people to your organization, we have an entire Alvanda Use Case For Marketing Teams.

Candidate Management

Whether you source talent through outbound, or inbound, or both, in all cases it’s best case practice to keep track of all applicants.

Alvanda simplifies the entire Process of Candidate Management by automatically centralizing each candidate within the platform, and providing a clear view of each candidate’s Status within the Flows module of the platform. 

Every company can create their own custom Flows. Whether we’re talking about 5 Stage Flows such as Contacted, Interested, Interviewed, Rejected, and Hired, or 30 Stage-long Flows with several interviews, tests, background checks, and so on, Alvanda allows your Recruitment Team to define whatever Flow they wish. 


Even when it comes to simple aspects of day to day business, such as having a simple interview with a candidate, Alvanda shines by helping Recruiting Professionals shine with every single interaction.

How? Well, instead of having an agenda on a doc or notion somewhere, you can outline the entire agenda into a Procedure, making every agenda point in a specific Step that should be completed in a specific way. 

Alvanda then:

  1. Automatically stores all of the information from the interview into Meeting Minutes OR Candidate Profiles,
  2. Automatically updates the status of candidates based on how the interview goes, and
  3. Automatically centralizes all such deliverables so anyone on the team with the right access can easily find them later.

Candidate Screening And Evaluation

The only way to determine the best person for a role, especially in cases where you have multiple candidates and aren’t sure which one to choose, is by screening all candidates in the exact same way. 

Before, screening candidates based on the exact same metrics has proven difficult. 

Today, Alvanda gives Recruitment Teams the tools to both:

  1. More accurately grade candidates based on clear guidance, and
  2. Later evaluate candidates as compared to their peers.

Background Checks

Conducting Background Checks is sadly one of the most overlooked parts of the Recruitment Process. 

In the past, we’ve had the misfortune of hiring people that have created more issues within our company than anything else. 

In more than one instance, we know of people who consciously stole money, employees, or clients, or all three! 

After talking with lawyers, we determined that our chances of winning suits are very high, however, these won’t go on the person’s record because they’re not considered criminal cases (even though they should be :). 

In other words, the only way their future employers will know the extent of damages created is if they Conduct Background Checks and call us. 

As such, knowing how many liars and charlatans are out there, we can’t recommend doing Background Checks enough! 

More so, with Alvanda, these have never been easier to do. 

Signing Contracts

From short (but important) NDAs, to fully-fledged Hiring Contracts, Recruiting Teams are many times in the middle between their organization’s Legal Team and their Candidates. 

Alvanda makes it easy for all legal documents to flow through defined processes within the organization. A topic we cover more extensively in the Alvanda Use Case for LEgal Teams.

More so, any type of Cross-Departmental Processes become infinitely easier to both create and oversee with Alvanda’s built-in Pathway Options and Process Views.

Final Thoughts 

After over two years in development, Alvanda entered the Business Management Tools market not with MORE features; as we believe most other Business Management Tools have too many features no one actually uses. 

Instead, Alvanda proposed to enter the market with the exact tools that companies need to actually help them:

  1. Set the direction of the company,
  2. Align every team member with that direction, and
  3. Manage all work to its highest possible quality.

This is Alvanda. And this is our invitation to you, to join us on our mission to empower your team with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to produce outstanding results and enjoy their work.
Schedule a Demo Call today, and our team of business process optimization specialists will gladly help set up your business on top of Alvanda.