Somewhat contrary to Accounting Teams, Marketing Teams tend to pride themselves with coming up with new, creative ways to achieve ever greater levels of reach and conversion. 

At the same time, such creative teams tend to benefit heavily from procedure platforms such as Alvanda, as they help them think way less (or almost nothing) about the process, and instead think more about the work itself.

Our daily decision-making capabilities are limited. So having a tool that takes away all of the “What should I do know?” questions or having to remember steps in a process means that creatives can focus all their attention and brainpower into the amazing work they’re capable of delivering.

Let’s look into a few examples today. 

Content Creation

Let’s take the example of creating search engine optimized (SEO) blog content. Though the process of writing the articles itself is a creative process, all of the dozen steps around it are to be done in the exact same order every time. 

These can go from Conducting Keyword Research, to Creating An SEO Brief, to Writing An Article, Requesting Feedback, and everything in between. 

In this case, many SEO Specialists aren’t Content Writers, and vice versa. As such, the SEO Specialist executes only the Procedures from the Blog Article Creation Process that are relevant to them. 

The Content Writer then picks up only where they need to and hand off the finished piece at the exact part of the Process where they’re supposed to. 

Even if there’s just 1 person doing everything, having everything they need to do layed out step by step significantly simplifies their work.

Another example can be the creation of video content, for YouTube or other social platforms. Everything from Conducting YouTube SEO, to Scriptwriting, Filming, Editing, and Publishing can all be outlined in an end-to-end Video Content Creation Process any Marketing Team can build in Alvanda in less than an hour.

And then benefit from it for years to come. 

Of course, if any part of the process changes–for example, maybe your team starts using a different content scheduling tool, so the process needs to be updated–, Alvanda makes it easy for Managers to make such edits to processes in just a couple minutes.

Once those changes are made, it automatically updates for everyone in the company, and lets everyone know the process has been updated the next time they follow it.

Publishing Content

Whether that’s publishing SEO blog articles on a WordPress or Shopify website, or publishing attention-grabbing posts on social media channels such as Linkedin or Facebook, the process is the same every time. 

Alvanda helps Marketing Teams create helpful checklists of exactly what to do, in what order, and how to do it, so everyone on the team can maintain the same high level of quality and consistency, every time. 

This removes friction and allows creatives to get into flow on the parts of their work that actually matter–and where they can add the most value. 

Organization And Centralization

With the same purpose of having creatives spend more time doing the work they love, and less time with administrative tasks, Alvanda automatically stores and centralizes all deliverables, allowing Marketing Professionals to go from task to task faster than they ever have before. 

More so, if any future changes want to be made to certain deliverables, or the team simply wishes to reuse them, Alvanda allows unlimited future changes to be made, and also automatically keeps track of every change, including the exact time and person who made the change.

Updates And Reporting 

Regular reports and updates tend to be a part of every Marketing Team’s agenda. These help both the team itself and other stakeholders (outside the team) get on the same page.

Alvanda helps Marketing Teams with such efforts in many different ways. For example: 

  1. Within Alvanda, every person’s deliverables and times are tracked automatically. 
  2. Alvanda also automatically creates visual reports of every professional’s past, current, and future workloads.
  3. In case there are surveys to conduct, 3rd party tool reports to pull, or anything of the such, all of those Procedures can be built out in Alvanda, ensuring the output of updates and reports always follows the same pattern, making it easy to compare to results from previous reports. 

Feedback and Collaboration 

Marketing tends to be a collaborative process. 

Alvanda was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate work collaboration tool, allowing team members to work on different parts of the process and easily provide feedback for one another. 

Alvanda also makes it easy for cross-departmental collaboration to take place. Everyone in the company can now be very clear on exactly where the Marketing Team’s work starts and ends. 

For example, HR Teams might follow their process of promoting a new Engineering Role they’re hiring for, and as part of that process, they seek the help of their marketing colleagues to design cool banners and graphics that will be used on social media.

In Alvanda, that entire cross-departmental stretch of work, from getting requirements from Engineering to writing up the Job Description within their team, to getting banners designed by the marketing team, is just 1 large process.

And that one process automatically 

Cross-departmental work has never been easier. Try Alvanda today and let us show you. 

Final Thoughts 

After over two years in development, Alvanda entered the Business Management Tools market not with MORE features; as we believe most other Business Management Tools have too many features no one actually uses. 

Instead, Alvanda proposed to enter the market with the exact tools companies need to actually help them:

  1. Set the direction of the company,
  2. Align every team member with that direction, and
  3. Manage all work to its highest possible quality.

This is Alvanda. And this is our invitation to you, to join us on our mission to empower your team with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to produce outstanding results and enjoy their work.

Schedule a Demo Call today, and our team of business process optimization specialists will gladly help set up your Marketing and any other procedures on top of Alvanda.