If there’s an area of business that is heavily based on standards and procedures which need to be performed the same way and at the same time every month, quarter, or year, that’s Accounting.

As such, Accounting Teams stand to gain tremendously from uploading their Procedures into Alvanda, where they can come alive in ways they wouldn’t on any other platform. 

For clarity, let’s look at some examples.

Payroll And Benefits

Especially when there are bonuses or commissions for performance, Accounting Professionals tend to work closely with both Managers and HR

Within Alvanda, Accounting Teams can build out entire Cross-Departmental Processes containing as many Procedures as they wish, each with the ability to both automatically store Accounting deliverables along the way and automatically trigger subsequent Procedures.

For example, the Calculating Commissions Procedure can be set to:

  1. Store and centralize the resulting amounts to be paid per person, and
  2. On its completion, automatically delegate a Task to Accounting with the Making Payroll Procedure attached. 

Checklists And Automations

As we made mention before, exact step by step efforts that have to be done in a very specific way in a very specific order, are the hallmark of Accountancy. 

Alvanda allows Accounting Teams to add in all their Process and Quality Check Checklists into the platform, and the team can follow those checklists directly when doing the task. 

This is because, in Alvanda, people can’t just create a Make Payroll task. Instead, within Alvanda, it’s mandatory to attach specific Procedures to each task.

Then, if Team Members want to complete the task, they actually have to follow the Procedure, step by step, in the exact order it’s meant to be followed. 

More so, Alvanda’s interface makes it easy for Managers to add and for Team Members to see Guidance for each Step. Whether that’s adding login credentials, or screenshots of how to do a task, anything can be added as Guidance to help Team Members have all the tools, knowledge, and support they need to deliver amazing results whilst enjoying their work.

Also, every Procedure in Alvanda can be set to automatically trigger other Procedures and delegate those as tasks with automatically assigned team members and due dates.

This level of customization means Accounting Teams can automate all of their workflows, no matter how long or complex, within Alvanda.

On, and if you need any help setting up such Processes within Alvanda, our dedicated team of Process Optimization Specialists can help you any day of the workweek.

Receipts, Statements, And Files

A big part of Accounting still has to do with files. 

Luckily, Procedures within Alvanda can be customized to store and automatically centralize any type of files Accounting Teams might need to keep on record. 

Accounting Teams can easily store:

  1. Pictures of receipts, 
  2. PDF Financial Statements,
  3. Entire Excel Sheets, or 
  4. Any other financial files that are part of their workflow.

Recurring Tasks And Reminders

Daily Checks & Balances to be settled? No problem.

Monthly Payroll to be released to all colleagues? Sure thing.

Yearly Tax Documents to be curated and submitted? Check.

Within Alvanda, literally any Procedure can be attached to any Task and be given whatever recurrence frequency Accounting Professionals want.

It’s bever been easier to streamline workload and ensure consistency. 

Automatic Escalations

With Accounting Professionals sometimes having literal hundreds of tasks on their plates every month, it’s perfectly understandable if some get missed.

However… Within Alvanda, missed Tasks are something found only in History books. 


Because within Alvanda, we have built in Global Escalation Settings, which means any 1 task that doesn’t get done on time immediately triggers a notification to the Assignee’s direct Manager. 

Then, IF their Manager doesn’t do anything for a set amount of time (that you can define), the task goes even higher up the chain. 

Goodbye lack of transparency… We won’t miss you. 

Prioritization And Focus

With so many recurring tasks, an accountant’s work can seem overwhelming very quickly… 

Not anymore.

Alvanda automatically creates a Focused View on every Accounting Professional’s Dashboard that includes:

  1. Any Overdue Tasks
  2. Any Priorities due today
  3. Everything that needs to be done later (separately) 
  4. All your most important and frequently used Procedures (eg. Issuing an invoice, Approving Time Off, etc.) 

Beethoven said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” And after seeing how much more productive we can be when Alvanda helps us manage priorities, we tend to agree. 

Days Off Tracking

Managing Sick and Annual Leaves can be another bureaucratic nightmare Accounting Professionals and HR need to coordinate on and ensure accuracy, especially when there are hundreds of employees and contractors. 

This is another area where Alvanda’s Cross-Departmental Process capabilities shine, allowing both these critical teams, and the hardworking team members that need their assistance, to all have clearly defined steps in place each needs to take at specific parts of the Process. 

More so, Automations within Alvanda can easily store and centralize each Day Off Request, making it super easy for Accounting Teams to keep track of such requests at all stages of the process.

Financial Oversight

Otherwise known as Financial Controlling, Alvanda allows CFOs or any Accounting Team Leaders to set up individual views for each Accounting Process they handle. 

Every view can be customized to each company’s preferences and workflow and easily adjusted later in under 2 minutes in case of new regulatory requirements or any other changes arise. 

Alvanda also allows Team Members to leave notes or comments on each other’s work, centralizing communication on the specific topics those discussions are on, instead of them getting lost in an endless stream of Slack messages. 

Final Thoughts 

After over two years in development, Alvanda entered the Business Management Tools market not with MORE features; as we believe most other Business Management Tools have too many features no one actually uses. 

Instead, Alvanda proposed to enter the market with the exact tools that companies need to actually help them:

  1. Set the direction of the company,
  2. Align every team member with that direction, and
  3. Manage all work to its highest possible quality.

This is Alvanda. And this is our invitation to you, to join us on our mission to empower your team with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to produce outstanding results and enjoy their work.

Schedule a Demo Call today, and our team of business process optimization specialists will gladly help set up your business on top of Alvanda.