Say Goodbye To Inefficient Task Management Software

Track your teams’ tasks and collaborate seamlessly

Access anytime, anywhere your dashboard and never miss deadlines

Get real-time visibility and address roadblocks immediately

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Anatomy of Tasks

Want your operations to be transformed by an intuitive, well designed, and integrated set of systems? With Alvanda’s task management software, you’ll never have to worry again about new hires not finding the information they need and your team not following predefined processes, or forgetting certain tasks.

Plan projects, refine processes, innovate faster. You’ll know exactly how well your resources are utilized, and be able to track time spent on tasks and remove time-wasting activities.

Keep Everything Organized with Tasks

Create, manage, and track an unlimited number of projects and plan your work with diligence. Your team will know exactly what they need to do, and managers will always have a clear view of what everyone is working on with Alvanda’s task and project management feature.

Keep roles well defined with automatic attribution of tasks based on your org chart

To avoid misunderstandings, your team can either read clear documentation or request manager support with the press of a button

Have a central hub to delegate tasks and get notified automatically if something doesn’t go well

Plan, Manage And Track All Your Team’s Tasks In One Flexible Platform

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Say goodbye to micro-managing with Task History

Never again will you have to ask your colleagues what they are or have been working on, as everything is in Alvanda’s team project planning. You’ll have access to your and your team’s dashboard at the click of a button. Alvanda automatically gathers data on every single task, from the time spent to complete it to all the moving parts (Components) involved in the process.

Save time by creating specific tasks based on pre-created processes

Avoid losing information and see all your tasks in one place

Delegate and track tasks to stay on schedule and hit deadlines