The Story Behind Alvanda

Hi there. This is Robert, the Founder of Alvanda, the ultimate real time business process management platform. 

I’d like to share something with you today. 

After working with over 1000 professionals across 19 different sectors and 300 different organizations, we’ve realized that not 50%, not 90%, not even 99%, but 100% of them were struggling when it came to both defining and following business procedures that actually make their work easier and more enjoyable. 


Why are millions of professionals all over the world struggling to implement principles that have been explained 1000s of times across hundreds of books? 

The answer is actually quite simple. 

It’s because there has never existed a platform to allow businesses to easily–the keyword being easily–define and follow these procedures. 

…Until today!

Alvanda was born to give professionals like yourself, the knowledge, the tools, and support, to deliver amazing results whilst you enjoy your work. 

I warmly invite you to give the platform a try. And to invite your colleagues and ask us any questions you want. 

Our team of professionals in building business systems will be by your side every step of the way, helping you in any way we can. 

I welcome you to a better future! 

I welcome you to a future where people can spend more time on the work they love and much less time on time tracking, on reporting, and on figuring out what it is that they should be doing. 

This is why we invented Alvanda

We spent over two years building it and it has been quite a journey. 

We hope you like it as much as we love building it!

Thank you so much and see you inside. 

Robert Indries